Kirsten Meeuwis

Hi, I'm Kirsten! I love building websites.

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the Green Gallery

For Flower Council Holland I'm working on an online magazine called the Green Gallery. It's a magazine about flowers, but also lifestyle, fashion and art. As of now there are nine issues online viewed by a large audience.

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My second passion is tv series. I love a good show with well-written characters. To keep track of all the shows I watch, I've created a website called Seriesfeed with some other tv enthousiasts. On this site you can see what episodes are next, check the episodes you've seen and read news about the latest show.

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Man From Earth: Holocene

I'm proud to say that I got to give a helping hand on this project. My favourite movie of all time is Jerome Bixby's The Man From Earth, so when I heard they were going to make a sequel I was thrilled. I got even more excited when I heard they needed a webdeveloper for a prop website. Of course I contacted them and the website is seen in the new movie!

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European Athletics

For the 2016 European Athletics Championships we got to make the official app. The app contained the timetables of all competitions which the public could use to keep track of them. You could follow the competitions live and see all the results by the athletes.

Echt Ierland

On the website of Echt Ierland visitors get to book their dream holiday to Ireland. It has all the information about beautiful accommodations and places you must visit.

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Designer Vintage

Designer Vintage is a platform where you can find authentic vintage designer items. You'll find all kinds of fashion from famous designers like Gucci or Prada, but for a smaller price.

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